Transform Your Life... Live Addiction Free.
  • Acceptance and Determination

  • Self-Determination and Self-Reliance.

  • Hope provides the courage to take the steps necessary to live free from addiction.

  • Transform Your Life

  • Addiction is a physical change in the brain


Asking for help takes courage. RCM admission coordinators are here to help. From the first contact, you will be assisted and guided by compassionate staff to facilitate a referral for care. Find admissions materials or click here for the RCM printable admissions packet.

Meet the Staff

Our staff sets this program apart from other treatment centers. The medical and clinical staff specialize in addiction treatment and are dual certified in addiction treatment and co-occurring mental health disorders. They design a program unique to each individual's needs. The RCM staff is attentive to your treatment through customized, best-practice, research based therapies, medical evaluations, culinary creations, and support services planning.

The Great Blue Heron

According to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve. The long thin legs of the heron reflect that an individual doesn't need great massive pillars to remain stable, but must be able to stand on one's own. This embodies the philosophy we share at RCM.

Take Action

$65 million is lost each year in the Missoula economy due to the costs of untreated addiction. Without accessible and affordable care, treatment just doesn’t happen. The new Recovery Center Missoula changes that. And you can be part of the solution.

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Virtual Tour

  • Our newly constructed building has open natural light to create a healing environment.

    Our Mission (is yours): Recovery Center Missoula is committed to providing exceptional treatment to individuals and their family members suffering from addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. Through evidenced based, cost effective, innovative, and comprehensive treatment, our professional multi-disciplinary team provides caring and respectful services to restore hope and empowerment to those we serve....
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