RCM Mission

gratitude 2Recovery Center Missoula Mission

Recovery Center Missoula is committed to providing exceptional treatment to individuals and their family members suffering from addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. Through evidenced based, cost effective, innovative, and comprehensive treatment, our professional multi-disciplinary team provides caring and respectful services to restore hope and empowerment to those we serve.

Organizational Values

RESPECT: We are committed to creating and sustaining an environment in which staff, patients, and others are treated with respect and dignity.

BELIEF IN RECOVERY: Our services contribute to each patient’s recovery. Our focus is on developing skills which lead toward a higher level of independence and increased quality of life.

HOPE: Hope is the catalyst for the recovery process and is communicated in our service methods.

INDIVIDUALIZED AND PERSON CENTERED: Services are self-directed by the individual and are derived from their unique strengths and resiliencies as well as their needs, preferences, experience, and cultural background.