RCM Experience

Recovery Center Missoula Benefits

Recovery Center Missoula Benefits are numerous. RCM is the only comprehensive integrated treatment program in Western Montana. Many individuals struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, which is often complicated by emotional or mental health issues. RCM’s professional staff is specifically trained to provide evidence-based therapies that have produced proven results. We provide the structure to address addiction, addictive behaviors, and emotional challenges within one setting.

The Facility

Opened in 2013, the building was designed to be part of the healing process with use of ambient light, color, and distinctly natural design elements. This tasteful setting provides the foundations for confidential, therapeutic treatment.

Experience Montana Inspired Menus

Look forward to meals that are tastefully prepared by our skilled and experienced Chefs. Good nutrition is essential to the recovery process and fundamental to helping an individual feel their best from the inside out.  Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are an important part of RCM meals. Our Chefs highlight their culinary skills in traditional Montana standards and combines the old world tradition of European cuisine with the American holistic approach to food preparation all the way through to the table.  Italian, Asian, and Spanish cooking influences their menu selections. The dining experience is an asset to the RCM experience.

Welcome to Missoula

Missoula is located in Western Montana’s beautiful Five Valleys. The area is a draw to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds and boasts world renowned blue ribbon rivers, luring anglers to try their sport. Missoula is appreciated for its easy access to hiking trails, skiing, open space, cycling, hunting, fishing, golf, kayaking, and other water sports. The Big Sky mystique draws extraordinary healthcare professionals to the edge of the Rocky Mountains and provides a supportive environment for their expertise, families, and individual pursuits. As the home to the University of Montana, Missoula cultivates an educated population, the arts, and an entrepreneurial culture.  The area finds its historic roots with Native Americans, explorers, and early pioneers, shaping the culture of today. While the city has a long chronicled past, it still holds the small town atmosphere with no more than 70,000 people. It is a perfect location for incorporating a highly trained staff, the outdoors, and a private setting for addiction treatment.