Path of Patience



A big congratulations to you in your journey of recovery! At this time of your one year celebration, we are so happy to gift you with a brick of recovery on the Path of Patience at the Recovery Center. Please print this page and fill out a message you would like engraved on your brick on the below form. Feel free to include your first name or not – it’s totally up to you. Please include your sobriety date.

The Path of Patience is solely dedicated to our alumni who have achieved a year or more in recovery. The recognition of such an accomplishment is important. Once our block of bricks are engraved, we will be hosting a ‘place it’ barbeque when all those who have bricks to place can come together at the center and place their brick. This will also be a chance to visit and catch up, and perhaps meet a few of our new patients!

The Path is in the courtyard area of the center, and runs parallel to the sidewalk. You might remember that during walking meditation, the current path of bricks were contemplated and all those who made donations to support the efforts of the Center. Now, the patients can contemplate the message you provide on your brick to give them strength, hope, and courage.
Please fill out and return the form below. Once we have all of the bricks engraved in this cycle, we will contact you and inform you of the gathering.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Recovery Center Staff


Brick Form