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LakeINPATIENT TREATMENT – An Integrated, Holistic Approach

Recovery Center Missoula’s inpatient program is individualized, intense, and focused on you and your recovery. Daily programming takes place 10 – 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, in a safe and structured environment. The program length varies and is dependent upon your individual treatment needs. We do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” model.

PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAM –  Continuing or Beginning the Journey

Whether you continue your inpatient experience through partial hospitalization or begin here, this rehab program provides an intensive treatment experience while you live in your supportive environment. Rehab program services take place Monday through Saturday, 12-30 hours per week through intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programming. For our out of town patients, you can live at RCM for a moderate room and board fee.


We understand that rehab treatment is just the beginning of your recovery experience. Continued care is provided after you complete the intensive phase of your rehab treatment and may include groups or individual sessions from one to three times per week.


Addiction alters neurochemistry and blocks the brains ability to produce chemicals necessary for  a sense of well-being. Cravings are the physical manifestation of this altered brain chemistry and emotional addiction to the substance. Medically monitored administration of medications will serve to diminish cravings and begin neurochemical re-balance and ease the discomfort of withdrawal. Detoxification services are provided as a part of your overall treatment continuum and are not provided as a separate, stand alone service.